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Rexoseal RV Roofing System
Rexoseal RV Roof Restoration

Infinite Polymer Solutions has developed a unique process of embedding a reinforcing membrane between a highly elastic liquid rubber (called Rexoseal RV), which is designed to cure and form a seamless, long-lasting protective barrier. The first step is to lightly sand and wash the roof, and then apply a 5 in reinforcing membrane on all the joints. After the joints are done you need to apply three coats of Rexoseal RV to the entire roof. The minimum temperature to apply is 10 degrees Celsius and not in direct sun and ideally no rain for two to three days.

Infinite Polymer Solutions has also developed Rexoseal’s fully adhered reinforced system (at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement) in the event that you need to replace the existing roofing membrane because of water damage. The first step is to tear off the roofing membrane and replace any rotted wood; then seal all joints with 6 in membrane and then apply one metre (40 in) wide reinforcing membrane, overlapping each strip by 10 cm (4 in) over the entire roof. Once the reinforcing membrane covers the entire roof, apply three coats of Rexoseal RV allowing each coat to dry.

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